Shaping the Message of VFX

Visual Effects Stories Losing Their Fire? I remember when something unusual happened while making Special Effects, it was bandied about in a good story, either in a magazine, or as an urban legend. When an artist had a particular view of his or her work, they would let it be known that they disagreed with the solution.  When a particular effect failed, you read about it in gory detail.  Now the message is more often shaped by press agents to make the VFX company, studio, or director look brilliant.  This is unfortunate, but a clear reflection of the changing gravity… Continue reading

The VFX War: Part 2 — Fish In A Barrel

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We Are Eating Ourselves. It’s almost as if someone planned it. A Macivelian overlord sat down one day, scheming how to drive down prices, institute near slave-driven hours (without compensation as often as possible) by arbitrarily putting a date on a calendar, increase their profits, pay for no benefits, accept government kickbacks and free labor. However no such overlord exists, and we have done much of this to ourselves. We have no industry standard bidding contracts, and we constantly undermine each other to stay afloat. It is not with malice, but on the base instinct of survival that we under-bid… Continue reading

Adventures in Stereo 3D: Part 2 — The Hyper-Glyph

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Updating the 1850’s French Innovation. In part one of this series about Stereo 3D, we discussed the use of stereo anaglyph images as a tool for stereo artists and supervisors, not just for novelty 3D prints, and late night 3D festivals on TV.  Lightweight, and easily viewable in many situations, it is by far the most portable 3D format.  (Besides we all look cool in the red/cyan glasses.) There are several flavors of anaglyph, but as mentioned the variations are generally in the colors of lenses used, and that for better color rendition.  But in our discussion we abandon the… Continue reading

Halloween Photogrammetry

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Photoscan Software in Action — Where Have You Been All My Life? Just for Halloween: 3D pumpkins! AgiSoft’s Photoscan is a stunning development for visual effects production. It is at its root designed for virtual map making, but is agile enough for full-body scans in action poses. Yes, there are other services out there from Autodesk that do similar things, but this is $180, with a free stereo version available, and no concern about uploading images to a “free” service (and all the image property rights that may entail). You can eventually go up to $3500 for the pro version,… Continue reading