Lost Concepts: Part 2 — Almost Human dMFX

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The Lost Concept Series explores production designs by Johnathan Banta that never saw the light of day — until now.

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There is always so much work that goes into an entertainment property that no one ever sees. Were it not for the books that chronicle the preproduction of Star Wars, the world would have never seen many of the concepts that led to the … Continue reading

Fringe to Falling Skies — The Unwanted Rise of Digital Makeup

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It Came From the 1990’s

Okay, this will take a little bit of back-story…

In 1997, I started to write an article in conjunction with Digital Domain’s Andre Bustanoby (fresh off of Titanic VFX) for the (now archival) website VFXHQ.  This article was to chronicle what we saw as the beginning of a new methodology in VFX — a blending of practical makeup and digital tools.  We envisioned … Continue reading