Inverse Light Probes and MatCap Re-lighting

Geometry-based MatCap light probes, and re-lighting in compositing.   Light Probes and a Little VFX History We will get into the subject at hand soon enough.  First let’s set the context: Photographs of chrome spheres are used in visual effects production to record actual location lighting and reflection.  These are …

AGsketchbook — January 15, 2018

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Messing Around With Dragons So many zBrush sculpts are littered with detail.  I still like the feel of clay smoothed with fingers, with minimal detailing.  This is an exercise to emulate that look digitally. Besides, dragons are fun!       #AGsketchbook   AG

Digital Makeup Chronicles 2 — The Life of Brian

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Practically Effective The addition of Digital Makeup in Falling Skies actually expanded the use of practical effects.  I know that may shock some of you to read.  In a time when computer Generated Imagery frequently replaces the practical world, this syndicated, wrapped series bucked the trend.  Practical makeup artists used …

Tracking for FRINGE Effect — Performance Transfer in Production

Grabbing an Actor’s Performance In 2008 concepts and methods developed working on 3D conversion for IMAX films combined to solve a problem at Zoic studios for the Bad Robot TV series FRINGE. Those IMAX3D films required large amounts of match moved geometry to generate depth information.  During that time I …