Digital Makeup Chronicles 2 — The Life of Brian

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Practically Effective The addition of Digital Makeup in Falling Skies actually expanded the use of practical effects.  I know that may shock some of you to read.  In a time when computer Generated Imagery frequently replaces the practical world, this syndicated, wrapped series bucked the trend.  Practical makeup artists used the computer as one of their tools, not a visual effects studio, to improve what they made sculpting rubber and glueing it to actors. This series, the Digital Makeup Chronicles, explores these effects, and discusses how practical and digital worked in tandem. After all, it is not every day you… Continue reading

The VFX War: Part 5 — Sleep Is For The Weak

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I’d Like To Sleep For A Week. I wrote this article in 2014: As I sit here working another wee hour on a project, I am beginning to envy my cat. As is mostly the case, I am awake because I love what I do, and fitting in another job, or research project, book (or blog) is the reason the glowing screen and pixels beckon me from my bed. There is just not time enough to do all that I must, work for the people I associate with, and get sleep. Most of the time this is my choice, as I… Continue reading

Harv’s World — Twas the Day After Christmas -a poem

The Day After Christmas Twas the Day After Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even my spouse. The stockings weren’t hung by the chimney (who cared?), for it seems St. Nicholas had already been there. The children were nestled, all snug in their beds, while visions of Star Wars danced in their heads. And I all rested, and in my ball cap, ate some more turkey, and then took a nap. The shopping is over, I’ve nothing to fear, except health costs and taxes on earnings this year.   (Its only after discovering the damaged file database, that… Continue reading

Tracking for FRINGE Effect — Performance Transfer in Production

Grabbing an Actor’s Performance In 2008 concepts and methods developed working on 3D conversion for IMAX films combined to solve a problem at Zoic studios for the Bad Robot TV series FRINGE. Those IMAX3D films required large amounts of match moved geometry to generate depth information.  During that time I experimented projecting two dimensional tracking information to the surface of a placed 3D model, as a simple “look-at” constraint — capturing movement that was much more accurate than that produced by hand animation.  Unfortunately it was too late in production to use it effectively. The FRINGE team faced a similar,… Continue reading

AG_NEWS: How To Scan A Person In Less Than Five Minutes — Article Link

AG_RapidCapture In The Open Something I am working on, provided an opportunity for a recent article with VFX author Ian Failes covering one of the techniques in my AG_RapidCapture series (in development).  Essentially trying to get down to bare bones photogrammetry, best practices, rig designs, and so forth.  This article represents one of the first benefits of that research. I wish to thank my college professor for volunteering to be the subject.  Here is a link to the article: How To Scan A Person In Less Than Five Minutes by Ian Failes AG Continue reading