AG_NEWS: How To Scan A Person In Less Than Five Minutes — Article Link

AG_RapidCapture In The Open Something I am working on, provided an opportunity for a recent article with VFX author Ian Failes covering one of the techniques in my AG_RapidCapture series (in development).  Essentially trying to get down to bare bones photogrammetry, best practices, rig designs, and so forth.  This article represents one of the first benefits of that research. I wish to thank my college professor for volunteering to be the subject.  Here is a link to the article: How To Scan A Person In Less Than Five Minutes by Ian Failes AG Continue reading

MastersFX VES Nomination for dMFX

Digital Makeup Shines at VES Awards The Visual Effects Society has nominated Hemlock Grove as one of its finalists for best visual effects in a television program.  It is an achievement to have digital makeup effects (dMFX) nominated for such a prestigious award, and hopefully a trend for the community at large for acceptance of the craft. It is an honor to be part of that crew, and to be nominated by our peers. Below is a press release about the work, and a link to a video showing some of the many shows in 2014 involving the dMFX, and MFX teams in the united… Continue reading

Digital Makeup Joins The Stage February 2, 2014

Todd Masters and Johnathan Banta At The Digital Days Conference. The Digital Days Conference kicks off Saturday Feb 1, 2014. Todd Masters and Johnathan Banta (spelled wrong on their website) of MastersFX join a panel Sunday to talk about the convergence of practical and digital effects. Join us as we talk of the crossing between digits and digital.   UPDATE: The time of the panel has changed to SUNDAY FEB 2, 12.45pm – 2.15pm EA Theatre: The Bigger Picture This is the time the online program shows: Sunday     1:30pm-3pm Theatre: The Bigger Picture Integrating Practical & Digital FX –… Continue reading

MastersFX Digital Makeup Division

The Digital Makeup Initiative in practice at MastersFX for Season 4 of Falling Skies. Here is a link to their press release: MASTERSFX Perfects Practical/Digital Effects Mix for Emmy Nominated TV Series “Falling Skies” “The upgrade of MASTERSFX’s Digital Makeup division occurred in tandem with the launch of “Falling Skies.” Johnny Banta, MASTERSFX’s Lead Digital Makeup Artist, says, “Makeup FX have evolved dramatically over the past 30 years — today, better materials and modern techniques are standard fare. But these are just tools in the hands of an artist. The computer is also a tool, and it is our intent to marry… Continue reading

The Digital Makeup Initiative

dMFX joins the pantheon of tools. ran a quick blurb on work I am leading at MastersFX for Steven Spielberg’s FALLING SKIES.  Though not intended to be a news item, they introduced my Digital Makeup Initiative to the world, to some degree. The initial goal of the initiative is to put the tools developed digitally back in the hands of makeup creatives, instead of detached visual effects facilities.  It is too easy to just wave the wand of the digital brush and eliminate all the work done on-set, when it can be completed by pushing past the physical limitations… Continue reading