AG_NEWS: How To Scan A Person In Less Than Five Minutes — Article Link

AG_RapidCapture In The Open

Something I am working on, provided an opportunity for a recent article with VFX author Ian Failes covering one of the techniques in my AG_RapidCapture series (in development).  Essentially trying to get down to bare bones photogrammetry, best practices, rig designs, and so forth.  This article represents one of the first benefits of that research.

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Gorilla VFX: Episode 3 — Fun With Toys and Mirrors

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Simple and Fun VFX Distraction.


We all love high end Visual Effects, but anyone who loves them as much as those who do it for a career, sometimes enjoy the simplicity of doing things the film school/garage band way. As kids we devoured Cinemagic, and Cinefex magazines, and hand back-wound super-8 mm cartridges, to try and do visual effects like the pros.  That was how the pros did them. … Continue reading

Gorilla VFX: Episode 1 — Couch Clouds

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The title is not spelled wrong. Guerrillas are crafty, live by the seat of their pants fighters on the front lines. Gorillas are rough,  hit-it-with-your-fists solvers of problems. Both of these are distinct VFX mind-sets we embrace. This series explores solutions to problems that are a little unorthodox, but effective.  What’s outside the frame is Masking Tape.  Smash away!

The Wild Blue Yonder From Closet Junk.

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