MastersFX Digital Makeup Division

The Digital Makeup Initiative in practice at MastersFX for Season 4 of Falling Skies.

Here is a link to their press release:

MASTERSFX Perfects Practical/Digital Effects Mix for Emmy Nominated TV Series “Falling Skies”

“The upgrade of MASTERSFX’s Digital Makeup division occurred in tandem with the launch of “Falling Skies.” Johnny Banta, MASTERSFX’s Lead Digital Makeup Artist, says, “Makeup FX have evolved dramatically over the past 30 years — today, better materials and modern techniques are standard fare. But these are just tools in the hands of an artist. The computer is also a tool, and it is our intent to marry the physical and digital toolsets into one cohesive, dynamic solution with actors and directors. This is not a ‘fix it in post’ approach, but a deliberate attempt to apply the right tool to best serve the character. Computer-aided design and manufacturing, as well as post-performance enhancement, are part of that toolset. ‘Falling Skies’ is the perfect opportunity by which to evolve this rapidly evolving art form even further.””


Nice to be allowed to work with talented people.


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