The AG_Punkwerks Blog — Year One

One Year of Content and Cool Directions.


Well folks, it is officially the first anniversary of the AG_Punkwerks blog (Sept. 11 is the actual date, but it went live in October).  Thanks for your readership, and continued enthusiasm for the odd collection of things roughly hung from the limbs of a tree named VFX. Old stuff, new stuff, stuff nobody has seen, and stuff to talk about. You know, lots of stuff — eventually.

Agrapha Productions business card 2003

What are the results? Many ongoing series:

1. Articles covering the VFX War raging between VFX workers/facilities and government kickbacks throughout the world.  More to come in the future.

2. Adventures in Stereo 3D, exploring methodology and theory of stereo film.  In this series we discuss the technical aspects of doing 3D, and some of the research I have originated.

3.  The Gorilla VFX series.  This is a new series that explores the tape and bailing wire methods of VFX in the digital age.

4.  VFX History.  Covering the landscape of VFX over time, personally witnessed, or of particular interest to the subject.  Without our history, we cannot create anything new.

5. Recently the cartoon series Harv’s World started a new walk amongst the eyes of the world.  This is my longest held product to date, and it is a joy to share with you.

6.  The new series AGsketchbook just launched — part of the design category showing off sketches erupting from my hands both professionally, and for fun in the margins of my sketchbooks.

7.  Not to forget the ongoing fascination with the new VFX tool of photogrammetry.  Where have you been all my life?


Along with the @AgraphaFX twitter feed, it has been a big year of outreach, and content creation.  More to come…




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