The British VFX tradition — Poppa Day to Alien


Great British VFX Documentaries Online.

From Poppa Day to Matte Painting in the 60’s and 70’s, Dennis Lowes webpage is an amazing documentary resource of visual effects in Britain. Want some in-depth information on the making of Alien you did not know? He has multiple interviews on video with images to back it up. His videos introduce us to a great collection of talented people, and disciplined work, from which we all can learn. Great education, motivation, and fun, and there is more than what is shown in the images below (including some of Dennis’ own work if you are interested).

The Alien Makers II title has an interesting interview with Brian Johnson, who takes you through the intricacies of Alien and The Empire Strikes Back. He talks about an actor going into a diabetic coma during a lifecast … tales out of school! These are downloadable as DVD torrents as well.

There are hours of great content awaiting you.

Good show, Dennis! (That is not a pandering phrase. It really is a good show)


british_vfx_04 british_vfx_05





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